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The new Chukles Digital Baby Monitors brings you even greater peace of mind!

During the day, it’s your job to be on top of everything your little one does – every single sense is trained to detect their needs. When bedtime rolls around, you tuck them into bed and retire your watchful eye until morning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep an ear out!

Chukles’ Digital Baby Monitor is an extension for your ears!

Our Award winning Baby Monitor offers DECT digital clarity and a 300m range; which means you don’t miss a thing with your loved one. Our monitor also features a new and modern design which is compact and easy to travel with.

This unit can be used as a two way radio to allow communication between the parent unit and the baby unit. This great feature allows you to lend a comforting word whenever you need to at anytime.

A temperature sensor has also been built into the baby monitor. This means parents can see at a glance, the temperature in the baby’s room from the parent unit. We have also included an alert function which notifies the parent of any significant change in temperature in the babies room. So easy to use, every function can be simply activated from the parent unit, to avoid you walking in and out of the nursery and disturbing your little one – monitor the temperature in your baby’s room, activate the night light, lullabies and VOX mode.


Temperature display and alarm

300 meter
transmission range

Operate with one or two parent units

Soothing night light

Two way communication

Lullaby activation from parent unit

LCD screen to display status

AC adaptor or battery operated for both units

Rechargeable 2 x AAA battery pack

Parent unit standby time for more than 48 hours

1.8 – 1.9 GHz DECT audio

Power saving mode

Interference free transmission

Low radiation mode



1 Year Warraty

Please keep your receipt of purchase to validate your product's warranty. All Chukles products come with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.



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Chukles Crystal Clear Digital Baby Monitor

Two way communication, 5 lullaby activation, temperature display and a 300 meter coverage with interference free transmission complete with 48 hour stand-by time are among the reasons why the Chukles digital monitor is so highly sought after.




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