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Too hot, too cold or just right? Your baby isn’t quite as vocal as the three bears, so make sure their bathwater is just right with the Digital Bath Thermometer from Chukles!

Helping to make bath time fun and safe are the Chukles digital bath thermometers. Waterproof and mercury-free, the Chukles bath thermometers feature a cold, warm and hot LCD traffic light effect indicator and display.  Three cute options to choose from are a sure way to keep your baby giggling, because the Chukles bath thermometers make for a fun toy too!

Digital Display

This thermometer measures bath water temperature, featuring a hot water indicator and digital display for easy temperature readings. Automatic switch-off occurs after 10 minutes.

LED Indicators

The LED light flashes red if the bath water is too hot or orange if the water is too cold, and flashes green to indicate an ideal bath temperature (between 35°C – 39°C).

Any temperature:

  • ORANGE = TOO COLD less than 35 °C
  • GREEN = JUST RIGHT 35 – 39 °C
  • RED = TOO HOT 39 °C



Orange backlight, too cold under 35 degrees Celsius

Green Backlight, just right 35 – 39 degrees Celsius

Red Backlight, too hot, over 39 degrees Celsius

Other Features
  • Floats on water & 100% waterproof
  • Large digital LCD display (easy to read)
  • Large measure range from 0 - 100 degrees Celsius
  • Battery operated and changeable
  • AAA, 1.5V Battery (included)



1 Year Warraty

Please keep your receipt of purchase to validate your product's warranty. All Chukles products come with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.



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Baby Bath Thermometers With LCD Digital Screen

Take the guess work out of bathing baby with simple traffic light display for perfect water temperature

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